Dyes, Moulds and Other Great Stuff!

Dyes and Pigments
For various resin systems.  Remember, some of these pigments are resin type specific, so don’t assume polyester-based pigments will work in epoxy resins! 

PearlEx Powder Pigments
Used for colouring all our resins to give a “Pearl” effect finish on your jobs. Available in individual jars and multiple colour kits.

Block Plasticine
Used for small moulds Sealing or damming a mould and a dozen other things.  Available in 0.5kg and 4kg blocks.

Release Wax Mirror Glaze M-8
Check with the girls on these as they all suit various applications

Aluminium Foil Tape
Can be applied over wood, cardboard and most things, and then moulded off.

Plastic Craft Moulds / Jewellery Moulds
Rectangles, squares, knob moulds, ovals, domed circles, octagons, hearts, tear drops and more.


Silicone Craft Moulds
Great for making resin decals for embellishing cards, boxes, and photo frames etc.Syringes
10, 20, and 50ml, plus blunt needles, good for injecting resins.

Catalyst Dispensing Bottles
In sizes – 30ml.

In sizes – 12mm to 100mm.  Plus, rollers in all sizes, scales, drum taps, mixing sticks, gloves (latex and vinyl), disposable aprons and overalls, scissors, plastic bottles and lids, tin cans and more.

Vacuum Bagging Gear
Vacuum pumps & generators, vacuum plumbing, quick disconnect valves, vacuum gauges, quick lock bags and seals, dum dum tape, perforated film, breather fabric, peel ply and bagging films.

Pultruded Sections
Manufactured by the pultrusion process – rods, angles, channels etc. We only have limited stock talk to us about your requirements.

Shellac Flakes
Dissolved in methylated spirits. Used for sealing and coating quick and easy.

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