Resin Art & Crafts

There are many forms of Jewellery and Craft which can be made using resin.

We supply:

Coating Systems Can be used on wood (as in clocks, trophies and table tops), or sculptures made from clay, plaster or foam, art canvas’s. Resin Art.
Pigments For opaque colours. PearlEx Powders, pastes and liquids.
Dyes To get the see-through look, plus granite powders, metal flakes and more!
Data Sheets and Books To help you achieve your desired results.

There is also an ART component of resin craft and we have clients moulding statuettes, plaques and all manner of art forms.  Sometimes a piece might need to be moulded and reinforced in resin or reproduced in plaster or clay.  We can give you the right advice to do just that.

The picture featured on the left is a simple project we did.
It is a cheap MDF Frame, painted with acrylic paints and Photo coated in our EnviroTex Lite Clear High Gloss Coating system to look like glass.


  • WestSystem
  • Smooth-On
  • Erapol
  • Environmental Technology Inc.
  • Colan Australia
  • ATL Composites