Generally speaking, you should prepare any surface before bonding.  Wood usually needs to be freshly sanded, but metals need to be abraded (sanded) to cut the surface oxidisation, and then wiped with solvent. Don’t use petrol or thinners such as turps etc. The best is methylated spirits, isopropyl alcohol and some specialist products.  Even plastics, rock and glass will benefit from some preparation.

We supply:

Epoxies – We keep a range of general purpose liquid adhesives and specialist adhesives for aviation, marine and fine furniture.

ATL – We stock Techniglue, gel marine epoxy, plus systems for specialist applications (aviation and fine furniture). Available in general purpose 24 hour and 5 minute.

Cyanoacrylates – Often called Super Glue!  We keep the Zap CA range including thick (green), thin (pink), poly zap, black magic, zip kicker, z-ends and more.

Acrylics – Weld On 16 & Weld On 3