Reinforcement Products

We sell a range of reinforcements from Chopped Strand Mat and Woven Fibreglass to Carbon and Aramid fabrics.

Our Chopped Strand Mat comes in 3 weights; 225gm – 450gm – 600gm, as well as light weight glass tissues.

Some of our Woven Fibreglass fabrics included weights ranging from the extremely light 18gm/m² ( ~.58oz) to a heavier 630gm/m² (~18.6oz) plain weave, twill weave, crowsfoot and satin weaves.

We then carry Carbon Fabrics and Tapes including Uni-Directional, plain weaves, twill weaves and satin weaves ranging from 93gm/m² (~2.73oz) to 200gm/m² (~5.9oz).

Then there are our Aramid fabrics commonly know as Kevlar in plain weave, twill weave and satin weave from 75gm/m² (~2.2oz) to 320gm/m² (~9.45oz).

We also have a few fancy coloured Polyester Tissue fabrics that have sparkly flecks in them and a Holographic/Glass tissue that looks extremely fancy when laminated over the top of Carbon. Great for something different!

We also stock Insulation Tapes, Lagging’s and Thermal ropes.


  • WestSystem
  • Smooth-On
  • Erapol
  • Environmental Technology Inc.
  • Colan Australia
  • ATL Composites