Epoxy Resins

These are the Rolls Royce of resins and are used where high strength and dimensional stability is required.

West System®
Renowned in the wooden boat construction area. Available with fast or slow hardeners. Pumps available for 1.2, 4.8 and 24Litre kitsWest System® Brand Fillers are also available 413 Microfibre Blend, 411 Microspheres & 410 Micro Lite.ATL Epoxy Systems

Rapid Cure Epoxy Adhesive
5 to 7 minute cure.  250ml, 500ml, 2-litre and 8-litre.  Pumps are also available for 2-litre and 8-litre packs.

12 hour cure gel adhesive for marine, furniture, hobbies, woodturning and a million other uses. Available with a fast or slow hardener – 750ml, 1.5-litre, 6-litre and 30-litre packs This is the greatest!

Techniglue R5 High Performance
Techniglue R5 has outstanding toughness and resistance to micro-cracking.  This proprietary blend overcomes a general deficiency in metal surface bond strength and offers up to a massive 30-fold increase in peel strength.

Technifill XP R1160
Lightweight-fairing compound. Available kit sizes 2-litre to 8-litre.

High performance laminating system with fast, medium and slow hardeners.

R104, R110X & R100
Surfboard Laminating and Filler Coat Resins

Multi-purpose tooling system.

High temp laminating system.

Aluminium filled casting system (machineable).

Electrical potting system (varied properties depending on hardener used).

R650 GFlex
A toughened, versatile, liquid epoxy, which will cure at room temperature for permanent waterproof bonding of fibreglass, aluminium, ceramics, metals, plastics, damp and difficult-to-bond woods.

Bulk Clear Casting system. Low heat generation with castings up to 1Lt. Rigid clear finished castings.


  • WestSystem
  • Smooth-On
  • Erapol
  • Environmental Technology Inc.
  • Colan Australia
  • ATL Composites